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It's time to work together to get the work done.

We’ve all seen the headlines – our federal government is at a perpetual standstill.  We haven’t had a balanced budget in nearly two decades.  The partisan fighting has made compromise a dirty word. At the state level, we aren’t much better.  There’s a lot of rhetoric to go around, but not much action.  They bemoan federal mandates, while enacting similar measures to tie the hands of our cities and counties.  They argue about the same policy issue for decades, while nothing changes but the faces doing the shouting.

If we’re ever going to see real progress, real change – it is going to start at the municipal level.  There is no partisan way to fill a pothole or plow snow.  There is no time for petty bickering when we’re dealing with public safety issues that could mean life or death for our residents.  In local government, we have no choice – work together to get the work done.


In my nearly six years on council, I’ve collaborated with colleagues and residents from across the political spectrum to move Shawnee forward…but there’s more to be done.  Good may indeed start here, but I think we’re capable of being great; will you join me? 



25% of our tax is business based, which might make one think:

So why are my taxes so high?

Where are all the businesses?


Shaped by my story. driven to lead.

At four years old I lost my father. Nine years old, our house. My family often struggled to make ends meet. I used these circumstances to fuel my lifetime of overcoming adversity through putting myself through school, striving, and changing the trajectory of my life.