Meet Charlie!

Campaign Super Dog

I’m Charlie, the official Meyer for Mayor campaign mascot!  I was born in rural Franklin County, and spent the first several months of my life on the run from the law.  Eventually, I was brought in to the fantastic team at Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Ottawa, where I lived for more than four months while begging for walks, counter-surfing, and waiting for my forever home.

My parents adopted me in August of 2016, and now I get to live in Shawnee, where I have plenty of room to roam (and still plenty of counters to surf).  Most days, you can find me chasing my friends at Broadmore Kennels, or outpacing my mom on one of the many great trails in our neighborhood.  Have I mentioned I’m really fast?

Lots of people try to guess what kind of dog I am (Australian Cattle, German Shepherd, and Whippet leading the pack), but my mom says I’m her favorite kind – a mutt. 


I love laying on my sunny driveway, meeting new friends (watch out for my full body hugs), peanut butter, and squirrels…I’m definitely going to catch one someday. 


I can’t wait to meet you out on the campaign trail this summer!

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