• Stephanie Meyer

Shawnee Spotlight: Mercy and Truth Medical Missions.

Did you know that there’s a not-for-profit organization right here in Shawnee working to provide affordable medical care to those in need?

Last week, I had the opportunity to tour Mercy and Truth Medical Missions, located just off Quivira and 75th Street, and was blown away by the amazing work they are doing to treat those who otherwise would have fallen through the health care cracks. Patients pay a minimal fee (based upon a sliding scale) and no one is ever turned away due to lack of insurance.

Previously located just across from Shawnee City Hall, the organization moved it’s second safety net clinic (the first is in Wyandotte County) over to the new, larger space in November of last year, to better accommodate the need.

Their work also includes sending medical mission teams overseas to address the need around the world, including places like Mexico, Russia, China, India, Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil. The teams set up mobile clinics – and no patient ever pays a fee.

During my visit, we had the opportunity to talk with their nurse practitioner, and I was so struck by her comments. She certainly spoke about the need, but also about the challenges her patients face in obtaining care elsewhere – particularly mental health. Imagine the broader impact to our community if these individuals were able to manage their physical and mental health without the struggle and stigma.

And the number one challenge (beyond insurance/financial)? Reliable transportation.

While health care is certainly outside of the scope of local government, these kinds of conversations are important, because it helps to inform elected officials of the challenges some of our residents are facing every day.

Want to learn more? Explore their website.