• Stephanie Meyer

The Curious Case of Charlie and Barbie

While nearly all of my content on this blog is related to serious issues facing our city, I thought it might be fun to break it up with a behind the scenes story of some of the fun of life these days on this lovely fall Friday!

Last week, I had a few nights of back-to-back events…including a different campaign kick-off with several friends. One of those friends brought her children along, who brought a very important Barbie…and accidentally left it with my purse.

Safe and Secure!

Naturally, my Aunt Stephanie instincts kicked in immediately, so I sent her daughter a quick snapshot of Barbie securely strapped in and safe.

No worries, I said, I’ll protect her with my life!

The next night, while at a work function, I received the news. Or rather, photo. The always mild-mannered Charlie, apparently rather unhappy with the idea of being replaced by the new girl in town, found Barbie…and promptly took out her legs. Literally. It was a regular CSI scene in our living room.

Crisis! How would I tell this sweet girl that Charlie had suddenly and violently killed her friend?! What kind of Barbie babysitter was I? Clearly, I’d lost the child vote. And was housing a vicious predator.

Thankfully, as is often the case, Amazon Prime saved the day…after more time than I should admit googling “flamingo swimsuit Barbie” (which prompts some very interesting adult costume options, btw), a replacement was on its way.

A few days later, we made the successful clothing swap, and I later ran into the friend.


“I have something I need to tell you…but first of all, you should know that everything is okay…”

So, if you run into Lucy, and she happens to have a very new but old looking Barbie in a flamingo swimsuit…it was DEFINITELY the original. And Charlie is definitely in time out.


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